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Hello friends!
There is just literally NO TIME for blogging at all! But since I looked back and realized it’s been WAY too long since I posted last I decided I better put up an update before people think I went into hiding. (In case you haven’t been to Facebook!… where there are updates all the time!)

So, I’m keeping this short & sweet:

We are currently booking Wedding Photography dates for 2014. We are only shooting a select few again next year, so please book early if you want us! Also, for the time being, package prices are remaining the same for next year! This will change by the end of 2013, so don’t wait!

Pin Up Erie has been growing rapidly and we are really looking forward to some upcoming specials, including a big Christmas Special!

Our first promo video for Pin Up Erie is out too! Check it out! When you’re done head over to to find out more!

Now time for pictures…

Here are a bunch of faves from several weddings in the Erie, PA area. Our clients are the best and we feel honored to get to photograph some amazing weddings! 

Boudoir & Pin Up Photographer makes the Newspaper!

Well kids, Pin Up Erie had an amazing article in the Erie Times News today!! Take a LOOK HERE!

Pin Up Erie Newspaper article

There is only so much that can be said in a few inches of copy in the newspaper, so I wanted to expand a little and let people know exactly what our businessES entail.

Like, a diamond, our business is multi-faceted. From engagement & wedding photography, commercial photography, and family portraits to Pin Up and Boudoir, we can capture that perfect moment. While we have a niche in the retro/vintage era, including Pin Up and Boudoir, the style of shoot is totally up to the client! If she wants photos done with her old sewing machine… let’s do it! Modern day Glam? Sure. We will turn any idea into a reality. Our goal with Boudoir & Pin Up is to make our client feel special and glamorous, no matter what style she chooses.

Our studio is anything but makeshift; we have a complete studio that caters to a variety of settings, with professional equipment and an array of props and outfits. We also have completely mobile lighting and equipment and can work almost anywhere!

While my husband Brian continues to partner with me for weddings, for studio or on location Pin Up/Boudoir shoots we have a fabulous ALL-FEMALE team to assist with hair, makeup, wardrobe choice, styling, and positioning. The goal is to have our clients be comfortable and enjoy the process while producing amazing photos and memories that will last a lifetime. Want to know more? Visit our website at for more information or message me for a consultation.

Also, now seems like the perfect time to share one of our promo videos! We have a bunch more coming ( including “How-To Prepare for a Photo Shoot”) tutorials coming very soon, but check out Karol’s amazing experience here:


We’re booking up for Family, Portrait, Wedding, Boudoir & Pin Up Photography!

Hey y’all, I’m keeping this short & sweet so I can actually get a quick update out and move on.:)

Every year we get last minute calls right before Thanksgiving and Christmas with clients saying “My family will be in town and together, are you available for pictures…like tomorrow?!” So this year let’s plan ahead people! To get the ball rollin we’re giving a gift to any family session that books from now through the end of November!

FREE 16×20 Mounted Photo Print with any FAMILY PORTRAIT SESSION!
Expires 11.30.13

Openings available Thanksgiving weekend!

The svelte family here is a fabulous couple from Erie with adult aged daughters and their spouses. Actually we have had the fortune of photographing two of the daughter’s weddings! It’s such an honor and joy to work with families on multiple occasions! We just did another “second sister from the same family” wedding a couple weeks ago!

Even though I haven’t had time to blog all the weddings we photographed this year, it was a busy one and we are now booking up for 2014. We do still have openings left, but please don’t wait to contact us. The early bird definitely gets the worm!

One of my favorites moments from a recent wedding. Special time with Mother’s and their daughters are so important to me these days. Very blessed that I was able to share my own wedding day with my mom at my side. <3
Last but not least, our sister business Pin Up Erie is busier than ever booking BOUDOIR & PIN UP Photo Shoots! We’re in the middle of a Holiday Mini-Shoot Marathon event, and booking glamour packages for Christmas gifts. If you hurry you might be able to get in on it next Saturday November 16th! Book Here!

If you havent visited yet, make sure you check it out. Pin Up Erie is the tri-state area’s only Classic Boudoir, Vintage Pin Up, and Hot Rod photography service. We’ve been working on search engine optimization lately and because of a lot of malarkey Pin Up Erie is not appearing in search results for “Boudoir Photographer + Erie, PA”, etc. It really is a pain in the butt to keep track of that stuff!

For the most recent pictures we’ve shared visit &
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Wedding Boudoir Photography

Since the unveiling of Pin Up Erie we have been busy working on further developing the website, building our STUDIO, and booking shoots.  The studio will be open in the next few weeks (yay!) and in the meantime we are booking on-location Engagement Sessions, Family Portraits, and Boudoir Pictures. We are pretty much booked for the 2013 wedding season with the exception of August 24th, or Oct 5th or 12th. Of course, we are also available for off season weddings and will usually offer a discount to book during the months of November – April.
Recently I got to photograph this beautiful Bride but couldn’t share until she gave her groom his gift at their destination wedding in Jamaica! How cool it that?! The groom was thrilled and we had a blast with these pictures which included a camo-hunter look, pretty lingerie, her veil and garter. I’m sure her husband would testify that sexy pictures of his Bride-to-Be is the BEST GROOM”S GIFT EVER!

If you are interested in Boudoir Wedding Photography contact Penny now, or hop on over to to find out more!

New Year, New Adventures! Long one, but worth the read :)

Sad Times

Well it’s been a crazy few months, to say the least. Blogging is one of the things that is always on my to-do list, but tends to get pushed towards the bottom. Taking care of my clients is always my first priority and writing is a challenge for me, so it’s always on the back burner. I thought it appropriate though to give a little run down on what has been going on in my life in recent months. It’s been a crazy ride!



Here is the gist of it with very few details…This year was our busiest yet and shot the most amount of weddings ever! (14 – many do more, but that’s enough for us for now.)  In May my mom got sick, was in and out of many hospitals over the summer, and then on Nov 1st she passed away very quickly due to a brain aneurysm. Being an only child and very close to her made this very difficult and still painful to get through. But she had a strong faith in God and we are at peace knowing she is up there dancing, singing, and waiting for the day we will be together again. She always taught me to be positive person and to look forward to what the future holds. So I am doing just that. <3:)


Good Times

We are VERY excited for a few weeks of some upcoming R &R, VACATION, and EDUCATION! This month I will be taking the time to play catch up on a few late 2012 sessions, backing up files, and getting my tax information together. Then in February we are very much looking forward to a family CRUISE in the tropics! It is somewhat of a dream come true for me. I have always dreamed of spending time on the white sandy beaches with the palm tress overhead! I CAN NOT WAIT!!

Many people also know this past fall I branched off and started Pin Up Erie-offering Boudoir, Pin Up, Steamy Couple, and Hot Rod photography to the tri-state area. Since this business has taken off and we are ready for more, I am  super excited to be attending a one-on-one professional workshop with award-winning photographer & author Ryan Armbrust in March!! Ryan is a very well known Boudoir & Pin Up photographer who runs a rockin’ studio in Lousiville, KY, but shoots all over the US! His work is amazing, I love his style, and I can not wait to learn everything I can from him!

With all of that being said I am booking Boudoir & Pin-Up sessions for the spring and will be searching for a ladies who want to model for my new techniques! The girls who have done boudoir sessions with me this year have been ecstatic! Most of them have been wedding gifts for their future husbands, but one HOT mama gave a sexy gift (a book & HUGE canvases) to her husband of 22 years after losing 70 lbs! What an amazing way to celebrate!

What about Weddings you say? We still have a few 2013 wedding dates open and would love to hear from you! I know many ladies got diamonds for Christmas or this evening, New Year’s Eve! If you’re thinking about having us, DONT WAIT! We are shooting less wedding photography this year to allow more time with our family, so please check with us now. It’s also time to start planning engagement sessions. Pictures in the snow can be so much fun, and we have a LOT of it right now!

If you’ve made it to the end, sorry for the book. I had a lot to say since it’s been 6 months!

Happy New Year EVERYONE! Here’s to an amazing 2013!!

Penny Shaut

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