Backyard Wine Wedding- North East, PA

Jason and Pricilla Walsh walked down the aisle on July 24, 2014 in a heartfelt ceremony in the family backyard. Stunning Vineyards and nature were the beautiful backdrop to this happy occasion, but nothing compared to the beauty of the love between these two. Once again we had the privilege of catching a First Look between them. Fun was had by all involved in this special day.

I feel excited and honored to be the wedding photographer for all of my happy couples of 2014. Some people say that location makes the day, but we say the love between the couple is the most important thing to remember. We are lucky enough to keep finding gems tucked away in the hills around Lake Erie. This was just one of my favorites from this year! Take a look below at Pricilla and Jason on their Wedding Day.


Beautiful Wedding-Port Farms, PA-Erie Wedding Photography

A few weeks ago we photographed a beautiful wedding ceremony at Port Farms! Amanda and Pat were such a fun couple who are truly in love, it was a pleasure working with them and photographing their wedding. As always Port Farms in Waterford, PA provided a beautiful backdrop for this happy event!

One of my favorite things to do is a First Look. They are becoming very popular. It give the chance for the bride and groom to calm each others nerves before the actual moment! Amanda and Pat have a great first look moment that was captured for them to enjoy for years to come. Please feel free to take a look at the pictures below! It’s Booking Season for 2015! Contact us about your special day!


Future Blogs to keep an eye out for! 

~Wedding Rules 101: Brides, Grooms, & Guests! 

~Backyard Wine Wedding with Pricilla and Jason

Intimate Beach Wedding Ceremony-Erie, PA Wedding Photographer

I joined a couple for a private wedding on the Beach out on Erie’s Presque Isle State Park. Diana Ziemniak officiated the ceremony around Dusk, with an exchange of vows, and a wine pouring ceremony. The couple enjoyed the company of only one witness to share this private day. She definitely caught that bouquet! This romantic setting made for a beautiful, and intimate wedding on the shores of Lake Erie. The pictures came out so beautiful because of something called the Golden Hour, sometimes called the Magic hour. This happens when the sun is lower in the sky, right after sunrise or before the sun sets, basking the subjects in a soft golden red light.

Diana gave them a piece of beach glass as a memento of this memorable spot in time.

The Beautiful Brazilian Bride wore a simple airy white dress, a pretty flower headband, and carried a bouquet White Roses and Hydrangeas.

A wine ceremony was preformed, joining the two wines together to become one and sharing a drink of new beginnings together.


The Bride and Grooms friend from Brazil had no competition catching the Bouquet!

I was happy to share this very special wedding day on the beautiful Lake Erie beach, Presque Isle State Park, Erie, PA.







Pin Up Erie’s Retro Family Minis at Sara’s in Erie, PA

Hello everyone we just want to share a link to our Pin Up Erie blog! We recently had a fun retro family mini shoot at Sara’s down by Presque Isle in Erie, PA. Check out the fun nostalgic photos in the link here!

Pin Up Erie Retro Family Mini Shoots


Banking Corporate Photography – Erie County, PA

We are now thouroughly enjoying working on commercial photography projects in the area. Our most exclusive so fair is the local bank corporation Marquette Savings Bank. You know, “The Hometown Bank, with the Hometown Touch”?! We have worked on several projects together taking photographs for website and marketing purposes. Many of our images are being used for their website, newspaper ads, and billboards.

The biggest project we've accomplished so far is the images for their new website! We were contracted to photograph various people, businesses, and local landmarks all over Erie county. Some of the places we traveled to include Meadville, Linesville, Edinboro, Albion, and Presque Isle. We photographed head shots of the CEO, Executive Management, and the Senior staff and Officers. The city of Erie even shut down North Park Row to shoot the executives in Perry Square

Take a moment to navigate through their site to see some of our work.

Most recently our photographs were included their 2013 Annual report. We have developed a unique editing style for this company that they love. All of our images match their logo and design scheme, which creates an artistic flow throughout all of their images.

This page even features a picture of our own kiddos playing in a local creek!

If your business is interested in blossoming with some great photographs, then contact us! Please feel free to fill out our Contact form, Email Penny, or call Penny at (814) 490-7819.